How Do You Say Long Island? People Around The Country Love When We Say Certain Words.


Photo By Larry Farrell Image at Macy's Smith-Haven Mall

Do Long Islander's have accents?  Is it a Brooklyn mixed accent, Queens perhaps? Nope Long Islanders have their own way of tawking.

Sometimes when I watch the news and I hear a Long Islander talk, I hear it. 

What are the most popular words that separate us from the res of the world?

Cawfee?  How about when you watch the Long Island Medium program? When Theresa Caputo speaks,  Can you hear it then?

Drawr? Dawg? Tawlk? Awficc? New Yawka?  It's the AW that we say differently, I think.  Can you think of other words or examples? Comment below.   

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