Take A Moment To Visit The Lake For Some Quiet Reflection Time. For Those Who Do, Know It's Power.


With 40,000 residents in Lake Ronkonkoma and Ronkonkoma, It's amazing how many drive past it but few stop to enjoy the peace and tranquility it brings.  There a several ways to get down to the water, yet with our hurried New York Lifestyles, it just seems to be a thing to drive around.  

For those who stop to smell the roses, you know just go down to the water and listen to the birds, take a simple quiet time for themselves, the people I meet down there always find its just so relaxing, like the feeling when you go to the beach or a quiet park.

Visit the boat ramp side (Rosevale Ave) for sunrise, the Lake Shore Drive area for sunset, or anytime of the day in any area.

Next time you see an entrance to the lake, park, walk down to the water and take in a moment or two for quiet reflection.  After all, its right in our backyard for anyone to enjoy.

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