Ronkonkoma Congestion Increase With The Double Track Project


Join the Facebook group to help us solve this local issue. Share your experiences there and share this post with neighbors and other local groups. RONKONKOMA faces congestion similar to streets in Queens. While no trains were passing (would be worse if the train gates were down) this congestion went north of the LIE. Here are the 3 primary reasons. Feel free to add any that I may have overlooked.

1. Increased volume of cars and trucks. 

2. The railroad crossing. This is one of the primary ways in this area to go north and south. 

3. The airport. Because of its massive size, there are limited roads for getting around it.

This will become a main focus for us going forward. We have been talking to Suffolk County Planning on ways to reduce this problem.My trip to work is 4 miles from home and for it to take 30 minutes is causing me to change my route down RONKONKOMA Ave. Add another 5 minutes if the gates go down before I reach the tracks.

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